HAS GROUP - textile finishing machinery

What we are looking for:
Textile mills, factories and investors from South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan..

Textile mills and factories in Vietnam, dry finishing, color printing, dyeing, pre setting, yarn, fabric manufacture, large production, coupon order, denim, woven, knitted, home textile, carpet, technical textiles finishing, finisaj..

What we offer:
Precise, high quality, detailed, durable, green, energy saving low maintenance textile finishing machinery (stenter, pre setting, inlet, mangle, foulard, textguider, cabin, cooling, brushing, dryer, steamer, coating, compacting, rubber sanforising, carpet, raising, shearing, combing, polishing, tumbling) for woven, knitted, denim, home textile, technical textile and carpets are designed, developed, manufactured, produced, assembled, automated..

Own technology and textile know how due to highest volume of best class fabrics, history and experience in finishing..

Large metal sheets in micro precision..

  • Textile machinery
    • Finishing and dyeing machinery and accessories
    • other machinery, components and accessories
  • Textile production
    • spinning mill
    • knitting mill
    • weaving mill
    • finishing and dyeing of textiles
    • natural fibers
    • man-made fibers
    • garment
    • home textiles
    • technical textiles
    • braiding
    • nonwoven manufacturer
    • Carpet production


mr Bahadir Kupeli
Chief Marketing Officer, Area Sales Manager Deputy

mr MdL Adriano Molteni
Area Sales Manager / America & Africa

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