Spinning rings and ring travellers for ring spinning machines

What we are looking for:
Customers in the ring spinning industry.

What we offer:
Reiners + Fürst is one of the world’s leading premium manufacturers of spinning rings and ring travellers.

Our main product lines are spinning rings and steel travellers for ringspinning frames and twisting machines. But also Nylon travellers and devices which improve the daily work in the spinning mill belong to our range of products.
Higher speeds without compromise

With R+F rings and travellers our customers achieve higher speeds while maintaining a consistent yarn breakage rate and hairiness – or reduced yarn breakage rates and reduced hairiness at constant speeds.

  • Textile machinery
    • Spinning machinery and accessories
  • Textile production
    • spinning mill


mr Benjamin Reiners

mr Dipl. Ing. Peter Pyrcik
Head of Sales

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